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So the bus…

So the bus… Part 1 I see her sitting on the bus. A woman my age. She is sitting in the aisle, her fellow traveler is sitting next to her by the window. She has long hair. Blonde, or a bit red, dressed in a long blue summer dress that suits her figure well. It is not entirely visible from the place where I am sitting, it seems that it is familiar to me. We are approaching a bus stop. I get up well in time, two more stops to go, so that I can walk forward. “Hey, hello Sylvia, that was a while ago. Are you all right? ”I ask her. Surprised, she turns her head. “My name is not Sylvia and I have no idea who you are. I look at her ashamed and with (probably) a red head. “Oh, uh, sorry, I mistook you for someone you know. I apologize for bothering you, I wish you a pleasant evening and please pretend I have not spoken to you ”. After all, I haven’t seen Sylvia in a while. I do know that she used to have a good figure with curves in your right places and this woman can be a somewhat more mature version of that.

She looks at her travel companion and where I would expect to shake her head she looks back at the woman with a surprised look at first, she turns into a smile with an affirmative nod. The woman looks back at me with a serious look. “You mistook me for one Sylvia, can I ask who that is?” “Sylvia is a friend I have known from childhood and haven’t seen it for a long time. Maybe that’s why I mistook you for her so easily. ” “Yes, I realize that,” she says. “And what would you have done if I were Sylvia?”. “Then I would ask you if you are doing well and perhaps try to arrange to have something to eat together again.” She thinks for a moment. “Would she like that if you ask?” “Yes, I assume that. We have eaten together often in the past, went out and then went home together. ”. From the corners of her eyes she looks back at her fellow traveler, who rolls her eyes mockingly and quickly looks the other way to keep her laughing. “Okay,” says the woman now. “You just spoke to me and I will soon forget the name Sylvia, you have just asked me if I want to go out for dinner with you, I will not forget that.” I look at her a little sheepishly, and luckily before it gets too embarrassing she continues. “My name is Petra and if you stick with your plan then I would like to go out for dinner with you.” Of course I will not let myself know and I confirm my offer and introduce myself as Jaap. In the meantime I sit down on the bench next to Petra and we are talking about cows and calves. The other woman who has introduced herself as Esther also joins in, while she still visibly enjoys with a big smile as a witness to the meeting between Petra and me. After a few stops she gets out and wishes us a pleasant evening, with which she struggles to suppress a wide grin. We eat a cozy little restaurant in the center, meanwhile talking about anything and everything. Out of nowhere, Petra’s question is whether she really looks like my old girlfriend, or if I was just trying to decorate her. “Yes, you really look like it, although after all these years I could have looked a little better out of my caps before I just addressed you.” After dessert I beckon the waitress to order coffee last and ask for the bill. Petra looks at me doubtfully and asks if my idea of ​​going home also applies to her. I grab her both hands and look straight into her eyes. “This has nothing to do with a misunderstanding or a change of personality, after this pleasant evening with such a beautiful woman I would like nothing more”, I say and immediately think that it may seem a bit too soggy. “I don’t live far from here, you are more than welcome to come and have a drink”. Together we walk through the city to her house. When we arrive, we take off our coats and try to hang them clumsily on the same hook, bumping into each other. Petra looks at me a bit surprised after a sigh of “We can do this better at our age, right?” she comes close to me and kisses me full on the mouth. I open my mouth slightly to feel how far she wants to go. Apparently she feels this as an encouragement to let her tongue slip into my mouth. Here she finds mine, eagerly accepting the challenge and in no time we are kissing violently in the hall. My hands go down her back, where they find good support. I gently knead her nice firm buttocks, which she responds by sucking my tongue further into her mouth, further increasing the pressure of her lips. In the meantime she presses her breasts tightly against me and I feel my pants tightening up from the front. “Come,” she says. “Please come to the room.