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Willing Ella

In the 80s and 90s of the last century, I often came to Ella and her husband’s shop in my twenties and thirties. They ran a sort of department store somewhere in a medium-sized town in the north of the country. Our contact always remained businesslike but at first sight they seemed to be nice and friendly people. I always left the place with a cozy feeling, without really knowing them. In the late 1990s, the newspaper read that Ella’s husband had died. I was not in the store for a few years then. It must therefore have been around the year 2000 that I once looked for something and thought about this store. And this still turned out to exist as well. After a pleasant afternoon in the city, I entered the shop and saw Ella already standing. An attractive woman, without which you as a man could really say why. She was not exceptionally handsome or with a perfect figure, but had rather round fish eyes and was chubby. Yet she had a certain sex appeal which made her attractive. I would have secretly peeked at her in the past when I was with them. She had full big round breasts, a belly and a nice looking full wide round ass. Ella recognized me from earlier and seemed to be much more open than when her husband was alive. Her role was more in the background at the time, at the time it often remained with a smile and a business answer. After a short conversation I asked for what I was looking for and she took me to where it was. Then something happened that prevented me from sleeping later that night. It just kept grinding in my mind. Before I could even get to the shelf, she kind of blocked my way and said, “Wait a minute I’ll get it for you, it’s down here.” She didn’t bend down completely but stopped and her upper body moved forward. This gave me a view of her beautiful round full wide buttocks that stood out in her tight ribcord pants. Although I started to feel uncomfortable and would prefer to look away, I kept looking. I even saw her mature cat marked in her pants, she bent over without bending her knees. My member did not remain unmoved and with great effort I was able to prevent a full erection. It all happened just 20 cm from my crotch. I paid and went home embarrassed. Searched the internet later that night for a photo of Ella. Ella that I suddenly started to find very interesting. After a lot of effort I found one and after a short jerk it already reached a gigantic peak. The following months I didn’t think about it much anymore. In addition, Ella was at least 20 years older. It must have been my imagination, right? Until I had to be in the store again, it was still well before 5 a.m. on a Saturday afternoon. But the strange thing was, when I stepped into the place, Ella saw me, and spontaneously shouted, “Do you turn the open sign around and lock the door? Otherwise I will have customers in the business here after closing time. “I obeyed meekly but was amazed at her action, I didn’t know her like that. I then greeted her further and she offered me coffee. We drank this together and then I asked for what I had come for. Namely a good brush, she led me to the right place, and then there was a repeat of what had happened a few months before. Another look at her beautiful buttocks and mature cat that was huge through her pants, this was no coincidence! I decided to grow my member now, it was now or never. Slowly I pressed my gigantic member full of compressed blood against her buttocks. She immediately answered something and gave some counter pressure. Her buttocks now pressed against my rock hard cock. I awaited her further response. “Sorry,” she said, “I don’t have that size brush here anymore.” “Then you have to walk upstairs.” Then I was almost sure! I walked with her a bit hard with a hard erection. We went up a narrow staircase and came to a dim, but just attic, which apparently served as a warehouse. It was pleasantly warm and full of stuff. Then it all went very fast. She turned and suddenly felt in my crotch. “I didn’t think so!” She said. I’m not crazy, see you look at me. Now let’s see it. Shy with the situation, I brought out my little boy. Then she took a ruler from her warehouse and started measuring. “That’s a good boy!” She teased with a wink. I couldn’t hold it anymore and some pre-cum escaped from my cock, apparently driving her crazy. She spread it over my head with her thumb and slowly started to jerk me as she conveniently opened her blouse. Her eyes remained fixed on my powerful erect cock that she worked with varying tempo, sometimes with two hands and then again with one.