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When we are having a cup of coffee a little later, I wonder what I have been talking about in my sleep. When our eyes cross, I can tell you know what I’m thinking about. You smile at me naughty, but you don’t say anything. After coffee you ask if I would like to go to town. I’m not really looking forward to it, I actually had very different plans, but I reluctantly agree. Since the weather is nice, we go by bike. When we are on the bike a little later, your skirt blows up a bit. I cycle next to you and cannot see you very well, but in a flash I see the side of your buttock for a second from the corner of my eye. It almost seems as if you are not wearing panties, but I could have seen it wrong. I put the thought aside and cycle on. When we arrive in the city, we park our bicycle near a cozy café with a large terrace. We come here more often and especially in this weather you can sit there. It is busy on the terrace, but after some searching, we still find a place in the back corner of the terrace. You sit across from me and we order a drink. We talk a bit about cows and calves and let the sun burn on our face. When the waiter has dropped by with our order, I check him in wonder. The man looks as if he’s shocked and walks away with a red head, looking back a few more times. When I look at you again to ask what was going on with that man, my eyes fall on your skirt. Immediately I understand what was wrong with that man. You sit with your legs slightly apart and the skirt is slid over your thigh. This makes it clear that you are not wearing panties. Again I get that mischievous look from you and from your red cheeks I see that you enjoy that you have just “accidentally” given the waiter a look between your legs. You take a moment, your legs a little further apart, so that I can even look between your labia. I see a shimmering pink and then you quickly cross your legs. Look away. What is left with me is a throbbing jerk against the belt of my boxer shorts. I quickly look around and when I see that nobody is looking, I put my penis aside so that the pressure is less. I bend over to you and pretend to wipe your nose. From your reaction I see that you have smelled the horny on my fingers and with your lower body you squirm on the chair. I give you a cursory kiss and get back to my normal seat. The waiter is now very fanatic. Every five minutes he stands at our table with blush on his cheeks to ask if everything is still okay. You enjoy all this attention and flirt gently. Grinning I see how you drive that poor man crazy. When we have finished our drinks and paid our bill, we get up and the waiter looks at us, clearly disappointed with your departure.