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Life as a single cam girl

I have been single for a year. Most men know this who visits me because I indicate it in my profile. Sometimes it makes me popular and sometimes men prefer a married “safe” chat. I always tell the men that I’ve never had a date. But I’m lying … I’ve had a date at home.

It started innocently. A normal chat. But he came back and something appealed to me in him. The fact that he was bound? The fact that he, like me, kicked out of sex? The fact that he was just a very naughty man who couldn’t lose his egg in his relationship? I do not know…..
The chats were more common and we went further and further but I didn’t want to show everything. Something was holding me back. Until he said the words: “shall we have a drink together?” And I said yes… ..

That drinking never happened. It was a beautiful late summer day and I had put on my short skirt and heels on purpose, See what his reaction would be. We had agreed on a neutral spot, Utrecht station. I saw him, he saw me and we started tonguing together. What was this ?? What was I doing. I wanted it !! Right there on the spot! We quickly went looking for a place where we could let each other’s horns run wild. Because that built up tension was quite high for us. I, neat girl, as a slutty lellebel at Utrecht station.

Walking and searching took forever to feel. I was soaking wet from this unknown mysterious and bound man. What a guy, not at all my type but he made me so horny. So wet that it almost hurt between my legs. Occasionally his hand slipped to my panties and I was about to jump. Fortunately, we found a quiet place where he immediately turned around without asking me and put my hands against the wall. He forced my legs to open and I did everything well. Yes, take me. Go ahead! He gave me another French kiss, pulled my hair and took his cock that he brought inside me. Deep punches, it must have been 4 or 5 and he came. Over my ass and I let him go, Mister had thought of everything and cleaned me. What a gentleman! He turned around and got down on his knees and licked me like I had never been licked before. Or did it just seem like that because of the whole atmosphere surrounding it? God, I came. I was so wet, I was so horny.

He kissed me and thanked me. He turned and walked away. And mystery man, I’ve never heard from him again. Happily married but very naughty. This unknown man will always remain a fantasy and a deep impression will remain etched in my memory.